The third reading of the Legislative Yuan passed the "Amendment to the Farmers' Health Insurance Regulations", which adjusted the monthly insurance amount from the current 12,000 yuan to 24,000 yuan, doubled the funeral benefit, and increased the maternity benefit to 3 months.

(File photo, photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

[Reporters Xie Junlin, Yang Yuanting/Report from Taipei] The Legislative Yuan will pass the "Amendment to the Farmers' Health Insurance Regulations" for the third reading yesterday, adjusting the monthly insurance premium from the current 12,000 yuan to 24,000 yuan.

The funeral allowance doubles with the monthly insured amount, and the maternity benefit standard increases from two months to three months.

The increased insurance premiums for farmers will be fully borne by the Council of Agriculture.

The Executive Yuan proposed that since the Agricultural Insurance Regulations were promulgated and implemented in June 1989, the monthly insurance amount has remained at 12,000 yuan for nearly 34 years. Considering that agricultural production is easily affected by the climate, farmers’ income is unstable, and 30 Due to factors such as economic growth and inflation over the years, the monthly insured amount is adjusted to twice the current amount.

The new law stipulates that the monthly insurance amount for agricultural insurance is 24,000 yuan, and the premium rate is two.

Fifty five percent.

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For the funeral allowance, the current provisions stipulate that when the insured dies, the funeral allowance will be paid for fifteen months according to the insured amount of the month.

This provision is not amended in this revision, but because the monthly insured amount has doubled, the funeral allowance has increased from the current 153,000 yuan to 36,000 yuan.

Maternity allowance increased to 3 months

In order to encourage childbearing, the maternity allowance has been increased from the current two months to three months.

The third reading article pointed out that those who give birth or give birth prematurely will be paid three months at a time according to the insured amount in the month of the accident, that is, they can receive 61,200 yuan, which is three times the original 24,000 yuan.

However, the new law also adds: "An insured person who also meets the requirements for claiming relevant social insurance maternity benefits can only choose one to claim." Avoid repeated claims.

New insureds also participate in agricultural vocational insurance

In order to simplify administration and facilitate the people, the revised law also stipulates that after the implementation of the new agricultural insurance regulations, new applicants for insurance only need to apply for agricultural insurance, which is deemed to be an application for farmers' occupational accident insurance.

The amount of rural insurance coverage has increased, and the premiums have been adjusted accordingly. Chen Yiren, deputy director of the Counseling Office of the Council of Agriculture, said that the current monthly insurance premiums are 30% for farmers and 70% for government subsidies. It was 156 yuan, but the increase of 78 yuan was fully paid by the Council of Agriculture.

As for the premiums for Rural Employment Insurance, the government currently bears 40% and farmers 60%. Farmers pay 15 yuan a month, which will be increased to 23 yuan. The increase of 8 yuan will also be borne by the Council of Agriculture for the first three years.

At present, there are 966,000 people insured for agricultural insurance and 317,000 people for agricultural occupational insurance.

Chen Yiren said that due to the need to cooperate with the system of the Labor Insurance Bureau, the exact implementation time of the bill is determined by the Executive Yuan. The Council of Agriculture hopes that the sooner the better, it will definitely go on the road this year.

With the revision of the Agricultural Insurance Regulations, Chen Yiren said that its implementation rules, "Accreditation Standards and Qualification Examination Measures for Farmers Engaged in Agricultural Work to Apply for Farmers' Health Insurance" and "Pilot Measures for Farmers' Occupational Accident Insurance" will also be revised accordingly.