Executive Premier Su Zhenchang.

(file photo)

[Reporter Lu Yixuan/Taipei Report] The outside world continues to pay attention to the extent of the cabinet reshuffle and the cabinet's movements. Today, media reports pointed out that Executive Premier Su Zhenchang was packing up the Office of the Executive Yuan and calling his acquaintances to greet him.

Luo Bingcheng, spokesman of the Executive Yuan, responded to this today. The dean's office has recently arranged packaging and delivery for the New Year's gift, and there is no such thing as the office packing one after another.

The current session of the Legislative Yuan will end on Friday, and the ruling party is about to review the reorganization of the cabinet. Recently, Premier Su Zhenchang hosted a banquet for some department heads and former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan to resign as the chairman of the football association, which also aroused concern within the party.

Party insiders said that former Vice President Chen Jianren, National Security Council Secretary-General Gu Lixiong and others were all named by the party to replace Ge Kui, and Zheng Wencan was also rumored to be expected to take over as Deputy Ge Kui. The timing may be announced after the Spring Festival.

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According to media reports, Su Zhenchang was packing up his belongings in the Executive Yuan’s office, and he called his acquaintances to say, “I was packing things in the office, and I saw a few articles. Thank you for your advice and concern over the past few years.” The person responded: "Dean, are you going to rest?" Su Zhi said lightly, "I didn't say anything!" Regarding the rumors, the Political Yuan quickly clarified that they were wrapping New Year's gifts, and there was no such thing as packing.