Power outages again became more frequent


Kyiv and Kyiv region.

DTEK cited three reasons for returning to emergency and emergency power outage schedules.   

This was reported by the company's press service.

Thus, DTEK was reminded that Russia continues to attack power system facilities, which further exacerbates the electricity shortage.

The generation limitation

is also affected by weather conditions

- the frosts intensify and people use heaters more often, which greatly increases the load on the networks.

They also noted that

industry has returned to work,

which has also led to an increase in electricity consumption.

"For the New Year's holidays, we managed to reduce the time of outages to a minimum. However, in recent days, the power deficit in Kyiv and the region has been increasing. Energy companies are maintaining the situation within the framework of stabilization schedules, but increasingly in the so-called "non-guaranteed hours" (light gray color on the schedules) to dispatchers it is necessary to limit the power supply to avoid accidents," DTEK explained.

Massive strikes on critical infrastructure of Ukraine

On the night of January 9, the occupiers again fired at the power generation facility in southern Ukraine.

"Ukrenergo", electricity producers and operators of distribution systems are constantly working to restore damaged facilities hit by enemy missile and drone attacks.

As of January 10,

electricity consumption in Ukraine increased

, emergency shutdowns were applied in many regions.

In some regions, due to gusty winds, there is also damage to the networks of distribution system operators, repair work is underway.

The weather also affects blackouts.

Thus, the general director of the energy supply company YASNO Serhii Kovalenko explained that every

-5 degrees outside is +250 MW before consumption.

He also warned Kyiv residents about the possibility of local accidents due to frost.

Due to worsening weather conditions, DTEK announced

limits on electricity consumption not only during the day, but also at night.

Kyiv returned to stabilization schedules on January 3.

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