A large Japanese heavy machine was caught alive by the police after it was put on the road with a fake license plate.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yanting)

[Reporter Chen Yanting/Pingtung Report] Chaozhou police in Pingtung County found a man riding a large heavy locomotive while on patrol, but the sound of the exhaust pipe was extremely loud, and it was suspected that it had been modified. The trachea was tampered with, and the license plate was still fake. In addition to confiscating the motorcycle, the police also transferred the rider on suspicion of violating forged documents. It is expected that cleverness is misunderstood by cleverness, which can be called "losing his wife and losing his army".

During the patrol, the police found a 29-year-old man surnamed Jian riding the heavy machine on Beimen Road, Chaozhou Town, but the sound from the exhaust pipe was abnormally loud, so they stopped him for inspection. Although Jian Nan cooperated and showed his ID to verify his identity, there was a problem But it was the license plate, and the police were still unable to find out the corresponding vehicle registration information. Seeing that his deeds were exposed, Jian Nan could only murmur and admit that it was a fake license plate.

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"The Treasure of the Town Store!" The police investigated. Jian Nan ran a large-scale heavy motorcycle business in Banten, Pingtung. When he went out to heat up the car, Jian Nan confessed that he was banned by processing steel plates and acrylic plates to avoid being banned. Card.

The big heavy machine that Jian Nan rides is a famous Japanese 400cc car. The store introduced it to Taiwan in the 1980s and put it on display in the store. At present, the parallel import price of new cars is as high as 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. The quantity is scarce and playable, and the price of second-hand cars is quite high if they are in good condition.

In order to be realistic, Jian Nan also made a fake license plate with the CC number of the original car based on the yellow plate graded in my country, but the exhaust pipe he modified was too short, so he was spotted by the sharp-eyed police. Therefore, you cannot apply for a license plate if you have not paid the tax.

The police pointed out that Jian Nan used the wrong place wisely. In order to seek convenience for a while, in addition to administrative penalties, he also had to face criminal penalties for forging license plates. The whole case was transferred to the Pingtung Prosecutor's Office for investigation in accordance with the criminal law of forging special documents.

In order to be realistic, Jian Nan also made exclusive fake cards and pasted stickers that passed the exhaust gas inspection.

(provided by the police)

In order to be realistic, Jian Nan also made a fake license plate and went on the road. Unexpectedly, he was mistaken by his cleverness.

(provided by the police)

Jian Nan was stopped by the police because of the abnormal noise produced by the too-short exhaust pipe, and it was further discovered that there were fake cards hanging.

(provided by the police)