From today, January 10, the kindergartens on the territory of the Burgas municipality will work in a "reinforced filter" mode, reports the mayor of the seaside town, Dimitar Nikolov

Dimitar Nikolov is a Bulgarian economist and politician, Mayor of Burgas Municipality since 2007. He was born

"The basis for my order is the recommendations of the RZI-Burgas and the increased morbidity of children from acute respiratory diseases, flu and scarlet fever.

The access of parents to childcare facilities is restricted, it is forbidden to visit sick children and sick employees in the gardens, as well as the merging of different garden groups.

The other anti-epidemic measures imposed by the order are the wearing of protective equipment by the staff of the children's facilities, ventilation and double disinfection of all premises and toys, as well as the inclusion of a sufficient amount of tonic drinks, such as herbal tea, in the children's menu , milk, freshly squeezed juices and citrus fruits.

Current data at the moment indicate that in the municipality of Burgas, the percentage of children absent from kindergartens is a total of 33% of all those who attend a kindergarten," explains Nikolov on Facebook.

We remind you that later today, an influenza epidemic is expected to be declared in the Burgas region.

Burgas region is about to declare a flu epidemic

Dimitar Nikolov


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