Chen Guangfu, the county magistrate of Penghu, took office for the first county affairs meeting, and led the county management team to sign the clean government agreement.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Penghu County Mayor Chen Guangfu led the first-level supervisors of the county government team to sign the "Integrity and Transparency Convention" to start clean and transparent governance. Chen Guangfu said that "clean government" and "transparent administration" are the governance of the county government The goal is also to respond to the promise made to the county residents before the election.

Chen Guangfu presided over the first county affairs meeting after taking office today. During the meeting, the "Signing of the Integrity and Transparency Convention" was held. The members of the meeting jointly signed the "Penghu County Government Integrity and Transparency Convention", demonstrating the determination to establish a "clean government" through signing.

Chen Guangfu also emphasized that all personnel should not buy or sell officials, regardless of whether they have taken office or not, as long as they are found to be true, they will all be dismissed. culture and create an "anti-corruption and clean government".

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Chen Guangfu said that cracking down on lawlessness and eradicating corruption is the principle he has always upheld. Civil servants should be honest, open and transparent. If there is a conflict of interest, they should be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. They promise to uphold integrity, professional dignity and citizen participation in governance The concept promotes government affairs and implements sunshine politics.

The Penghu County Government stated that the content of the Integrity and Transparency Convention stipulates that public officials should handle property declarations in accordance with the Property Declaration Law, and practice the Sunshine Act; Taking advantage of position, title and power to seek privileges and privileges for oneself or others; spouses and relatives within the third degree of blood or marriage are not allowed to be appointed by the competent authority; within three years after resignation, civil servants are not allowed to hold positions directly related to their positions within the five years before resignation. Profit-seeking directors, supervisors, managers, shareholders or consultants who execute business.

Penghu County Mayor Chen Guangfu led the first-level supervisors to jointly declare the establishment of a clean and efficient government.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)