The former team leader of the Bureau of Investigation was accused of sexually and physically harassing a female investigator many times, and even said, "You feel very comfortable being touched like this." He was found to constitute sexual harassment by the Bureau of Investigation and will be punished. The Administrative Court today sentenced him to lose the lawsuit.

(Photo by reporter Yang Guowen)

[Reporter Yang Guowen/Taipei Report] At that time, Qian was the team leader of the Taichung Investigation Station of the Aviation Industry Investigation Department of the Bureau of Investigation. When a female investigator accused her of sexual harassment, she not only said "Oh! So you feel very comfortable being touched like this", but also repeatedly Touched her thighs and other parts, and LINE joked, "I won't eat you." The Bureau of Investigation considered the situation serious. The investigation determined that Qian constituted sexual harassment, and Qian refused to accept the lawsuit.

The Taipei High Administrative Court determined that the original disposition was based on the law, and sentenced Qian to lose the lawsuit; after Qian appealed, the Supreme Administrative Court today rejected the decision.

The female investigator complained in May 2020 that her supervisor Qian surnamed team leader touched her shoulders, arms, backs of hands, and outer thighs many times. In addition, Qian Chuan said on LINE: "Don't worry, I won't eat you Haha", accusing Qian made her feel "disgusted" and "feel like being eaten with words".

The Investigation Bureau immediately formed a block investigation team to investigate.

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Qian denies sexual harassment, claiming that in October 2018, when he saw other investigators introduce female investigators to customs officials, he put his hands on the shoulders of the female investigators and moved up and down, thinking that the female investigators were sexually harassed, so he spoke in a serious tone Asked: "Aren't you uncomfortable?" Seeing that the female investigator said she didn't feel violated, he was surprised, so he asked again: "Ah, won't this be uncomfortable?"

Qian also denied deliberately touching the body of the female investigator, and because it was reported that the female investigator had a close relationship with a married man from January to May 2019, he tried to ask about the status of making friends through LINE but was rejected, in order to ease the atmosphere , he sent back: "Don't worry, I won't eat you up, haha".

The final investigation by the Bureau of Investigation determined that when Qian Shang was instructing his supervisor, he touched the female subordinate's shoulders, outer thighs and other parts, which indeed exceeded the limit of normal interaction; in addition, Qian sent messages, which caused the female investigator to become hostile and oppressive. , and the female investigator voluntarily moved the office seat to avoid interacting with Qian. Therefore, it was determined that Qian constituted "sexual harassment" stipulated in Article 12, Item 1, Subparagraph 1 of the Gender Equality in Work Act.

Qian was dissatisfied with the Bureau of Investigation's deliberation and filed for a review, which was rejected, and filed an administrative lawsuit with the Taipei High Administrative Court.

Beigao Xingli believes that the original punishment determined that sexual harassment was based on the law, and there was no violation, so the judgment was rejected.

Qian refused to accept it and filed an appeal. The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the judgment of Beigaohang, which was rejected today.