There is 2.6 hectares of school land in Shulin District, New Taipei City, which can be declassified after review, and will be changed to residential areas, markets, parks, roads, etc., and the land will be returned to the people.

(The picture is provided by the Urban and Rural Bureau)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] The New Taipei City Government is reviewing the reserved land for public facilities that has not been expropriated and developed for many years. About 2.6 hectares of school land in "Wenzhong 3" in the forest area will be changed to residential areas, markets, parks, roads, etc. Coordinating and communicating with the Ministry of the Interior, it will be developed in the form of urban land rezoning. The urban planning change will be announced and implemented today, becoming the first case in New Taipei City where the release of public protection land is released and implemented, and the land will be returned to the people.

Huang Guofeng, director of the Urban and Rural Development Bureau, said that in the early days of New Taipei City, many public facility reservations were designated, but the city government was unable to expropriate or develop them due to financial constraints. The use of land was restricted, which affected the rights and interests of landlords. , the city government has promoted the policy of "halving the expropriation" of public facility land before the central government promotes the overall review and change of public facility land. area.

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The Urban and Rural Bureau pointed out that the "Wenzhongsan" school site is located at MRT New Taipei Shulin Line LG17 Station, next to Daan Road, about 10 to 15 minutes walk from Shulin Railway Station, leading to Xinzhuang and Huilong in the north, and connecting to Yingying in the south Song, it can be connected to Banqiao, Tucheng, Zhonghe and other areas in the east, and it is close to Tandi Park, Datong Mountain Hiking Trail and Shierguzhen Trail. The transportation is convenient and the location conditions are good.

Huang Guofeng said that after the change and rezoning of this case is completed, the landlord can take back the land in the residential area, and the city government can also obtain the necessary land for public facilities. Among them, the planned market land can be used for three-dimensional and multi-purpose purposes. Social housing targets can also provide public welfare facilities such as childcare and childcare, or public office offices, social welfare facilities, parking lots, etc., to provide diversified public services.

Huang Guofeng also said that the market land can meet the policy needs of the market office, plan appropriate space, arrange temporary vendors and centralize management, and improve the market environment and quality. The main plan and detailed plan of the overall urban plan will be announced and implemented today.

The Urban and Rural Bureau pointed out that New Taipei City cooperates with the Ministry of the Interior’s 2013 announcement of the “Principles for the Review and Change of Urban Planning and Public Facilities Reserved Lands” to promote a comprehensive review of public facility land projects. There are currently 15 cases of public inspections of the Ministry of the Interior’s urban planning The committee deliberated, Taishan, Wanli, and Shulin were under deliberation by the Metropolitan Committee of New Taipei City, and Danshui Zhuwei and Wugu simultaneously launched a draft plan for public exhibitions.