The daughter of the star of Studio "Kvartal 95" Olena Kravets -


- loves tattoos and willingly puts various sketches on her body.

Yes, the young blogger once again replenished her collection of tattoos.

In Warsaw, Masha got three new tattoos.

Donka Kravets, in a minimalist style, printed two images on her wrist and one on her palm.

"I'm returning to Kyiv with beauty," Maria shared.

New tattoos of Olena Kravets' daughter / Photo:

Note that this is far from the first tattoo of the 19-year-old daughter of Olena Kravets.

Last fall, in one of the capital's tattoo parlors, Maria tattooed a butterfly on her arm.

The girl also got

a patriotic tattoo

- the coat of arms of Ukraine.

Masha also had one Russian tattoo "dance".

But since the beginning of the full-scale war, the young blogger has successfully Ukrainianized it.

Now on Maria's hand

is the inscription

 "dance" in Ukrainian.

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