The newspaper "Belarus today" reported on his initiative.

"There is a war with monuments.

They are demolished almost on an industrial scale by anyone.

And to the figures of classical culture, and to the heroes of the war.

And to those who have at least a little Russian component in their activities.

Shouldn't we initiate a monument with a demolished monument?

To demonstrate that we take a position of conservation, not destruction, - said the chairman of the public association.

Representatives of other pro-government public organizations (BRSM, Belarusian Union of Women, Belarusian Union of Journalists) supported this idea, notes the pro-government publication.

There was a proposal to place the monument in the cultural capital of Belarus this year — Slutsk.

It is worth reminding that in Belarus itself, during the last year, there have been many cases of destruction of memorials to the participants of the Home Army - the anti-Nazi Polish resistance during the Second World War.

In the cases recalled by Romanov, symbolic memorials were destroyed.

Graves, where the remains of dead people lie, were also destroyed in Belarus.