The winner of "Voice of the Country-9"

Oksana Mukha

talked about her serious illness.

In particular, the performer admitted that she still continues to fight against a terrible disease - cancer.

"I must say that I have not yet overcome it. I still continue to fight, because this disease is very insidious," Oksana said on the air of the telethon.

Oksana Mukha

The artist also advised her fans that if they suddenly feel any changes in their body, they should immediately consult a doctor.

According to Mucha, the sooner cancer is detected, the better and better the chances of recovery.

"Our people very often wait for a miracle. And if they feel something is wrong with them, they think it will pass. The worst thing they do is waste time. I wish everyone a timely examination and don't waste a day if you feel that something has changed in your body or you don't feel the same as usual If you feel tired that is unusual for you, when you constantly want to sleep, when you are always in a bad mood, when it is difficult for you to get up, or food has stopped tasting the one you've always eaten, pay attention to it and know that the sooner you go to the doctors, the more chances you have. And there are always chances," added Oksana.

The singer also advised to carefully monitor her health.

The artist noted that the most important thing is proper nutrition, healthy sleep and a minimum of stress.

We will remind you that in September 2022, Oksana Mukha admitted that she had

been fighting cancer for more than a year


However, the singer decided not to tell what kind of oncology she was dealing with.

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