If you hold an accommodation voucher and meet Amei’s concert, you will be charged an additional 7,500 yuan?

Chengyi Hotel Kaohsiung apologizes.

(Photo by reporter Ge Youhao)

[Reporter Ge Youhao/Kaohsiung Report] Concerts exploded in Kaohsiung City from February to April, but it was reported that some people took accommodation coupons to stay at Cheng Yi Hotel in Kaohsiung, but were told that the check-in time coincided with Zhang Huimei's concert, and the price would be "increased by 7,500 yuan"; In this regard, the hotel apologized, emphasizing that the reservation personnel had a misunderstanding and conveyed wrong housing information to consumers. In fact, they only need to make up the difference for holiday stays.

Some people shared in the hotel community that they planned to use the accommodation coupons of Kaohsiung Chengyi Culture Hotel, which said "Holidays require an additional price of 3,000 yuan to stay in Kaohsiung Chengyi Hotel". He needs to add 7,500 yuan to live, which makes him very dissatisfied.

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As a consumer, some media called the Kaohsiung Chengyi Reservation Team, and the other party responded, "This period of time is not a normal price, but a price that fluctuates like the Spring Festival. Therefore, if you use the accommodation voucher on these days, you have to increase the price by 7500." Yuan".

In this regard, Kaohsiung Cheng Yi Hotel urgently issued an apology statement this afternoon, emphasizing that this was an internal error. The hotel has contacted the reservation guest and confirmed the amount of check-in in accordance with the weekdays and holidays stated on the coupon. Cheng Yi Hotel is deeply sorry for the misunderstanding caused by the guests. Feel sorry.

Preliminary investigation of Cheng Yi Hotel in Kaohsiung, the main reason is that the communication is not in place, the reservation personnel have wrong cognition, and mistakenly convey the wrong housing information to consumers.

In fact, you only need to pay the difference for the holiday stay.

Chengyi Hotel emphasizes that this consumption dispute is a misunderstanding of experience coupon booking, and has nothing to do with concerts or exhibitions. It is hereby clarified that Chengyi Hotel has requested to strengthen personnel training, and I am sorry for causing trouble to tourists.