I read the writings of

"Mother Luk Chan" of Hua Khiao News Agency, page 1 of Thai Rath yesterday.

I feel very agreeable...so I would like to extend the story today.

It is an opinion about the news of political movements that have been on the front page of newspapers for many days ... about launching as a member and accepting to be a candidate for Prime Minister of a brand new political party.

Gathering Thais create a nation of Big Tu.

First of all, ask for permission to "put up" some parts of the writing.

"Mother Luk Chan" was referred to first as follows:

“Initial time 6 pm (Monday, January 9), Prime Minister Uncle Tu (who today is still the Prime Minister of the Palang Pracharat Party quota) will take the stage to announce the reasons for deciding to become a member of the party.

United Thais create a nation

and the next political direction

to show confidence that the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party

Will win the election as a leader to form a new government

Under the old prime minister, the same face!!

If you're not sure

The prime minister, Uncle Tu, would definitely not decide to apply for membership in the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party!!

"Mae Luk Chan" believes that

before deciding to set up a new party with a red label

Prime Minister Uncle Tu had to ambush and accumulate enough strength to come along.

1. Must have a large amount of capital to use unlimited election campaigns.

2. There must be at least 50 Grade A candidates who are confident that they have won the election.

3. Must have a party policy to fight with other parties up to the ball.

4 years ago, Prime Minister Uncle Tu didn't have to exert anything because Uncle Pom handled everything himself.

But this time Uncle Tu had to exert himself alone, without Uncle Pom as his personal manager…politics are not as easy as you think, uncle.”


I copied from the column of

The real

"political pundit"

"Mae Luk Chan" Page 1 Thai Rath without any amendments

Agree with "Mae Luk Chan" that Prime Minister Uncle Tu must have "full" confidence and prepare in advance.

with a long enough time

If you ask me how long has Big Tu been preparing?

I'm guessing at least 2 years exactly.

That is, since the 2nd Saturday of January 2021, or "National Children's Day" in 2021 until now, which will reach National Children's Day 2023 on Saturday, January 14 ... 2 years exactly that

The reason why I believe that Big Tu has already thought about it for at least 2 years is because, as I wrote to the readers before the new year,

It has been a tradition for the Prime Minister of Thailand to give Thai children a Children's Day slogan ever since we have

"National Children's Day" for the first time in 1956

Prime Minister Uncle Tu has been Prime Minister in real time for over 8 years, so he has the opportunity to give 9 slogans to Thai children, including this year's slogan "know duty, discipline, pursue goodness" that we hear on radio and television. announced often

But on National Children's Day 2021, Big Tu gave the motto as follows.

“Thai children with a new way

United Thais create a nation

with loyalty and virtue"

There is a phrase that

"Total Thais create a nation" in the middle of the slogan of that year... If you don't believe it, try going to Google and look back.

Do not forget that this wording is not the same as the wording of other parties such as Pheu Thai, Chart Thai, Thai Rak Thai, Prachakorn Thai or Phumjaithai, etc., which are words.

or words that Thai people use widely already

The word “Ruam Thais create a nation” is a new invention.

Or in the language of mass communication, it is "creative" or "created" specifically.

which will be invented and created by the Prime Minister, Uncle Tu himself

or the secretary who drafted your speech

I'm not sure...but when you declare yourself, you must take the words as yours.

I would like to summarize today's writing that, in addition to agreeing with the writings of Mae Luk Chan on every point ... I still believe that you should think about setting up a new party, at least on the announcement of the 2021 National Children's Day slogan that “Thai children with a new way

United Thais create a nation

with loyalty and virtue.” That's it.

Ham has secretly announced the name of the new party for 2 years through the national children's day slogan.

The Thai people do not know at all...Prime Minister Uncle Tu.