He also called for strengthening support for Ukraine.

"Interfax-Ukraine" writes about it.

"I am sure that soon we will be able to warmly welcome Sweden and Finland to the Alliance," Stoltenberg said on the sidelines of the Folk och Försvar security conference in Selene, Sweden.

He also called for increased support for Ukraine and warned that underestimating Russia could have serious consequences for security in the Scandinavian region.

Stoltenberg's statements

Stoltenberg stated why it is important to support Ukraine in the war with Putin's Russia


It must be defeated or the world will become vulnerable to authoritarian regimes.

He believes that

Putin does not want peace talks, but to buy time for a new offensive


The actions of the Kremlin testify to the plans of the Russian aggressor to renew the attack on Ukraine.

Also, in his opinion, 

the end of the war will not normalize relations with the Kremlin


Stoltenberg is convinced that Moscow's decision to invade Ukraine will have lasting consequences.

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