In Beitun District, Taichung City, a series of car accidents occurred due to courteous ambulances, and three motorcycles fell to the ground and were damaged.

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[Reporter Xu Guozhen/Taichung Report] Many cars and motorcycles in Beitun District, Taichung City gave way to an ambulance that was about to turn left at the intersection a few days ago. Unexpectedly, a motorcycle coming from behind did not pay attention to the situation in front of the car and did not brake in time, causing a series of accidents. A total of 2 motorcycles were hit, and a Porsche SUV was affected. Fortunately, the injured 2 female riders were sent to the hospital without life-threatening danger. steam locomotive.

The serial car accident happened at around 9:00 am on the 4th at the intersection of Wenxin Road and Huamei West Street in Beitun District. , The locomotive drivers all slowed down or stopped to wait for the ambulance to pass, but unexpectedly a locomotive sped up behind, causing a collision.

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The police pointed out that the 24-year-old Qiu man was riding a motorcycle from Zhongqing Road along the second lane outside Wenxin Road to Henan Road. When the motorcycle of a 26-year-old woman surnamed Zhang stopped in the same direction and the same lane ahead to avoid the passage of a civilian ambulance, she was behind. The rear of the car was hit by the front of Qiu Nan's motorcycle. When Qiu Nan's motorcycle lost control due to the collision and the body was unstable and fell to the left, the left body collided with the right side of the motorcycle that a woman surnamed Chen (49 years old) was riding in the left lane.

At this time, Ms. Chen lost control of her locomotive and tipped to the right. The front of the car collided with the rear of a Porsche SUV driven by a man surnamed Chen (49 years old). Both Ms. Zhang and Ms. Chen suffered bruises on their hands and feet. Fortunately, they were not seriously injured. The police said that none of the four motorbike drivers had a drinking reaction after the alcohol test. According to preliminary research, Qiu Nan, who chased and collided with the three motorbikes, did not pay attention to the road ahead and did not keep a safe distance was the cause of the accident. Further identification and clarification.

Porsche SUVs were also affected.

(provided by the public)