Vice President Iliana Yotova

Iliyana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, the 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, was surprised that there was no discussion in the NA on the declaration proposed by the PP before it was rejected.  

"This is a mistake, because in these four framework priorities there were many things on which it was important to hear what the positions of the various parliamentary groups were.

I got the impression that there was an agreement not to have such a discussion", Yotova said in the "Offensive" show.

Academician Denkov returns the second term of the president on Monday

"It is inexplicable to me how the parliamentary group that put forward a candidate for Prime Minister, that initiated and proposed this declaration, did not secure all its people's representatives in the hall.

How can we explain this?

Because they are not interested, they do not accept the text or it was decided in advance that the declaration was made in such a way that it would not succeed and would not be voted by a majority?

This leads to the conclusion that PP do not want a government in this National Assembly and are preparing for elections", commented Yotova.

Asked if the PPs are in isolation, Yotova said: "They are in isolation after the elections and it is obvious to the naked eye.

More or less the same applies to the first political power.

When Gabrowski's cabinet was proposed, there seemed to be more expectations that this government could be voted out.

Now there was no such illusion", commented the vice president.

She is adamant that it is better to have a regular office.

"I've been hearing signals lately that most likely rest on some preliminary consultations.

The very fact that "Yes, Bulgaria" does not exclude the option of working with GERB, as well as with DPS, obviously there are some conversations in this direction", said Yotova.

"Bulgaria needs a stable majority and a government in order to solve extremely important issues," repeated the vice president.

She did not say who would be given the third term.

Iliana Yotova