"Azerlotereya" OJSC, which delights fans of games of chance with its constantly updated games, launched the first instant lottery "Poz-Gazan" game "Chance Rain" in 2023.

Lucky winners of the "Rain of Chance" lottery ticket with a winning fund of 34 million manats are waiting for the lucky winners of a big prize of 200,000 manats and millions of other money prizes of various amounts.

As reported by "APA-Economics", regarding the rules of the game, if the number shown on the "WINNING NUMBERS" board matches any of the numbers on the "YOUR NUMBERS" board after breaking the protective surfaces of the "covered" cells on the lottery ticket, the ticket will pay the amount below the corresponding number. wins.

If the same situation is repeated in several places, the winnings are accumulated.

When the "10X" symbol is detected, the winning amount increases 10 times, and the "money bundle" symbol gives 50 (fifty) manats.

At the same time, a chance to win a bonus of 100, 200 and 500 AZN is presented in the "BONUS" boxes on the ticket, respectively.

It should be noted that "Poz-Gazan" tickets of "Azerlotereya" OJSC are currently on sale - "10X", "5X", "Emerald", "Goz Muncugu", "Ani 50", "Chance Star", "Gold". and "Find, Win" have a chance to win big prizes of 200,000, 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 manat respectively.

Instant lottery tickets can be purchased at lottery sales points, "Misli" stations, "Azerpocht" branches, as well as at "Nizami", "Khalglar Dostlugu", "Academy of Sciences" and "Inshaatcilar" metro stations and sales points in "Araz" supermarkets.