The supporting police arrived at the scene quickly and quickly subdued the criminals.

(Provided by Taoyuan City Yangmei Police Station)

[Reporter Wei Jinyun/Taoyuan Report] The Taoyuan City Yangmei Police Branch held a robbery drill at the Yangmei District Farmers’ Association today. The detectives wore masks and pretended to be robbers, and rushed in through the gate with guns. Going to the "Sloth Walker" accidentally brought a laugh to the serious anti-robbery drill.

The police stated that in order to strengthen the maintenance of the safety of financial institutions during important festivals and reduce the crime rate, they hope to remind relevant practitioners and the public to be more vigilant at any time by holding anti-robbery drills.

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The police pointed out that the reconnaissance team members played the roles of robbers, accomplices who helped the robbers, and sloth runners. After entering the farmer's association, the gangsters fired shots into the air and shouted at the runners: "robbery is not allowed. Move." Unexpectedly, I met a sloth operator, who gave money very slowly, not only delaying the time for the robber to escape, but also allowing the farmer's association operator to press the siren.

The police said that after the service command center of the sub-bureau received the alarm notification from the Yangmei District Farmers Association, it immediately notified the police to come to the scene for support.

The Yangmei branch reminds the public that the New Year is approaching. If there is a large amount of cash to be withdrawn or related businesses need to transfer a large amount of cash, they can apply to the police at any time to protect the banknotes.

Taoyuan Yangmei Police Sub-bureau investigators pretending to be criminals walked into the farmer's association, and fired shots into the air and shouted at them: "Rooting, don't do anything." (Provided by Taoyuan Yangmei Police Sub-bureau)