Today, January 7, on Christmas Day, People's Artist of Ukraine

Olga Sumska

recalled how she starred in the famous musical "Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka" based on the work of Mykola Gogol.

On her Instagram page, the actress shared a fragment of the video, where she and

Verka Serdyuchka

argue about what happened to the blacksmith Vakula.

In addition, Sumska showed what was left out of the frame and was not included in the musical.

"Christmas... For fans of our legendary musical "Evenings on a farm near Dykanka". The video is "behind the scenes" or material that did not make it into the film... What is our fight between two gossip girls together with Verka Serdyuchka worth! Could I have thought that it is this small episode and my "fool with a rose", which I was offered to play by Semyon Gorov, will be so remembered by the audience! Of course, the duet took place thanks to the partnership with the talented Andriy Danylko, who produced such improvisations that the film crew was delighted every time! Golden the time of Ukrainian television..." - said Olga Sumska.

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In turn, fans of the artist thanked her for the warm memories and shared whether they are watching this musical now: "How I loved this musical! I always watched it at Christmas. The song Povaliy performs is one of my favorites. And now, because of her, Lorak and Kirkorova are not I can watch", "now I can't watch either. These three bad guys (Lorak, Kirkorov, Lolita) ruined such a wonderful musical", "Olya, how we need a new Ukrainian musical! With these episodes! I believe that you can ignite our directors for such an adventure. I love this masterpiece, but, like most Ukrainians, I can't watch it because of the dominance of Russian. It's easy to ban them. But people need a Ukrainian alternative!".

It should be noted that the musical "Evenings on a farm near Dykanka" was filmed in 2001 by the Ukrainian director Semen Horov.

However, it starred many stars who currently support Putin's bloody policy and Russia's invasion of Ukraine today.

We are talking about Ani Lorak and Taisia ​​Povaliy, who betrayed the people of Ukraine by keeping silent about the war in their native country and continuing to speak in Russia.

Philip Kirkorov, Lolita, who support a full-scale war in Ukraine.

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