Russian humorist

Maksym Galkin

, who during a concert in Dubai loudly

replied to a fan on "Glory to Ukraine"

- "Glory to heroes!", ridiculed Russian propaganda at the same concert.

Thus, during the speech, Galkin spread fakes about the Russians, which they actively spread about Ukraine.

"It turns out that Ukraine was filled with NATO bases, where gay terrorists, lesbians, cannibals, in between enriching uranium to create a dirty bomb, cross the coronavirus with monkey pox and stuff war ducks with this coronavirus through the train. So that they could fly and plan an attack on Belarus from four sides," he expressed in his monologue all the nonsense that Russian propaganda constantly pours into the ears of its citizens.

@gorvadlife Galkin is beautiful, told everything exactly)) #рекомендации #галкин #славаукраіни #проукраіну ♬ original sound - Gorvad

In addition, Galkin also joked about the fake that Ukraine planned to assassinate Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov.

"But when they said that an attempt was being made on Solovyov, you can imagine it hahaha, but the man was in danger. The FSB neutralized the Ukrainian Nazis' cell in time. Thank God, they didn't have time to attack Solovyov, but two machine guns were taken from them. three mortars, Nazi literature. How come they haven't added an aspen stake and the blood of virgins yet?"

- commented Galkin.

Taking into account all this fake information that Russian propaganda is spreading in Russia about Ukraine, Maxim Galkin suggested that these propagandists are clearly using something before letting the people believe the myth:

"What are they using there? Give me these drugs, I want them too. Give me these mushrooms," said the artist from the stage.

We will remind, a month ago

Maksym Galkin answered

in Ukrainian why he continues to communicate with Russian Putinist artists.

The comedian politely answered his fans from Ukraine in their native language.

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