Ukrainian singer

Kateryna Buzhynska

shared photos from the birthday celebration of her eldest daughter Olena.

On her Instagram page, the star mom posted pictures of the birthday girl with her younger sister and brother, Katya and Dmytro.

As Buzhynska said, her eldest daughter turned 16.

Children of Kateryna Buzhynska / Photo:

On this occasion, the singer dedicated a touching post in her photoblog to Elena:

"My dear, dear girl! Olenochka! You are already 16 years old today! My baby! How I want to hug you tightly right now and tell you that you are so amazing, stunning, charming and the most precious daughter in the world! My smart girl, you are in your age you know five languages! You are a kind and bright child! I wish you, my dear, incredible happiness and the greatest joy in life, a safe journey and wonderful success, magical beauty and kindness of soul, magic and miracles in life, and most importantly - the fulfillment of the cherished dreams," the star mother wished.

Kateryna Buzhynska with children / Photo:

Kateryna Buzhynska showed a holiday cake for her daughter / Photo:

Kateryna Buzhynska showed Elena as a child / Photo:

We will remind that two weeks ago, the younger children of the singer Kateryna Buzhynska, Dmytryk and Katrusya, celebrated their birthday.

The twins of the artist turned 6 years old.

The star mother

showed what kind of holiday she arranged for the children


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