Explosions were heard in the temporarily annexed


on the night of January 7.

The occupation authorities announced the alleged work of air defense and the downed drone.

This was reported by local Telegram channels.

It is noted that around 02:00 an explosion was heard in the area of ​​Strelka, on Fiolent and Yumashev.

According to users, "cotton" was powerful - even "windows shook".

The so-called "governor" of Sevastopol, Mykhailo Razvozhaev, announced that the drone was destroyed by the air defense forces.

According to him, the drone was allegedly shot down over the North Pier above the sea.

It will be recalled that on the evening of January 4, in the temporarily occupied Crimea 

, at Cape Fiolent (Sevastopol), powerful explosions rang out

and a large-scale fire broke out.

As a result of the incident, as the occupiers claim, one person died.

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