showed how she and her three children and husband, singer

Taras Topolei

, celebrated Christmas. 

The leader of the band "Antitila" came from Ukraine to the USA, where he was finally able to see his family and spend time together.

The artist's wife shared family shots on her Intsgaram page and congratulated those celebrating Christmas on January 7.

"Merry Christmas! God's mercy and grace to everyone! We pray for our big family, Ukraine," Alyosha wrote.


In the photos shared by the singer, she took a selfie among the branches of the Christmas tree, and in another photo, Taras Topolya posed with his two sons, Mark and Roman, and also held his daughter Maria in his arms.


We will remind you that Alyosha and his children are now in the USA, where Topol's parents live.

The musician decided to stay in Ukraine and went to serve as a paramedic in the Armed Forces, but from time to time he still visits his relatives.

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how they celebrate Christmas.

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