Recently, a video circulated on social media, which stated that "Ukrainian extremists punish young people who do not want to serve in the military." The review platform pointed out that this was "wrong information."

(Taken from Fact Check Center)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Recently, a video "Ukrainian extremists punish young people who do not want to serve in the military" has been circulated on social media.

The Fact Checking Center checked and concluded that this was false information.

The TFC Fact Check Center released a "Fact Check Report" today (6th), pointing out that a video has been circulated on social media since December 29 last year, which roughly reads: "Ukrainian extremists treat young people who do not want to serve in the military. By tying these young men to poles by the side of the road."

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The inspection center searched through video screenshots and pointed out that this video comes from a report on March 22, 2022 by the Romanian media "Media Fax" with the title "People Tied to poles for robbery in Ukraine" /Wrapped To Poles For "Looting" Throughout Ukraine) YouTube video.

The inspection center used the video title as a keyword search to indicate that the French inspection organization "France 24 Observers" had inspected this online video last year, and the report pointed out that this video was taken in Irpin, Kyiv, Ukraine ), two men in military uniform and yellow armbands tied a man to a street sign, along with two others.

According to eyewitnesses, this happened on March 12, 2022, when the Ukrainian-Russian war extended to Irping. Ukrainian soldiers arrested three men accused of robbery and tied them to road signs at the intersection.

The Inspection Center further searched relevant news reports with keywords and found that many media outlets reported on the phenomenon of roadside kidnapping in Ukraine.

Newsweek writes that roadside kidnappings are an attempt to publicly humiliate looters as looting has continued across Ukraine since the Russian invasion.

The reporter of "The Economist" also described that when he was interviewing refugees fleeing from Irpin in the suburbs of Kyiv, he saw three men tied by the roadside with plastic wrap. The locals were not surprised, and told him that these people were from Ukraine. People who specialize in stealing belongings from refugees and breaking into empty houses.

In this regard, the inspection center consulted the Ukrainian inspection organization "VoxCheck" for the correctness of the content of the rumored film.

"VoxCheck" researcher Valeriia Stepaniuk said that the online video did take place in Ukraine and was shot in March 2022. It was a "lynching" of local robbers by some groups in Ukraine. This situation is not a routine practice by the Ukrainian police, nor is it normal. Phenomenon.

In addition, Valeriia mentioned that at the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine at the end of February and early March, there were similar incidents in Ukraine such as online videos.

In this regard, Valeriia pointed out that the content of the rumored film is a punishment for local robbers, and has nothing to do with evading military service.

To sum up the above, the online video is a case of lynching the looters due to the lack of police force in the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. lynching”, so the rumor is “wrong” information.