The dispute was stopped only after the police fired shots at the scene.

(Photographed by reporter Xu Shenglun)

[Reporter Xu Shenglun/New Taipei Report] Last night in Shulin District, New Taipei City, 15 people gathered in the square in front of a certain palace and temple. They drank for three rounds. Among them, the men surnamed Wang and Chen got drunk and yelled at each other, and finally got into a fight. There was chaos, the police arrived after receiving the report, Wang, Chen and others kept on going, a woman bit the policeman instead, the police had no choice but to fire shots into the air to stop them, and then arrested Wang, Chen and other 6 people who made trouble manage.

At around 8:00 last night, 15 people gathered in a square in front of a temple on Tianwei Street in Shulin District to drink and talk happily. After everyone drank too much, they began to speak loudly and began to speak indiscriminately. 33-year-old Wang Nan and 40-year-old Chen The men ignited a dispute. During the period, they sprayed national curses on each other and threw wine glasses at each other.

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The nearby people called the police, but the group was still in a mess. The police came and shouted loudly, but they couldn't stop the chaos. There was even a woman biting the policeman. At this time, the policeman drew a gun and fired a shot into the air. , Everyone was sobered up by the gunshots, so they obediently cooperated with the police in handling the case.

The police took Wang and Chen, the main troublemakers, and the woman who bit the policeman back to the police station.

During the investigation, the group admitted that they had drunk three rounds and could not restrain their emotions, which led to conflicts. After the police interrogation, Wang, Chen and other six people were transferred to justice for crimes such as obstructing public affairs and violating the law on the maintenance of social order.