When people go to restaurants, they will not only care about the bathroom equipment, but also check whether there are relevant spare parts at the first time.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

To reduce plastic waste, bring your own shampoo, body wash, toothbrush, etc. when traveling in the future

[Reporter Wu Baixuan/Taipei Report] In order to respond to international trends and reduce plastic waste, the Environmental Protection Agency officially announced yesterday that it will launch a draft of "Restricted Use Objects and Implementation Methods of Disposable Accommodation Supplies" for the hotel industry and other lodging industries. Restrictions are expected to be implemented in stages starting from July 1 this year. The industry will not actively provide shampoo, body wash, toothbrush and other accessories.

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The first phase of the Environmental Agency's draft notice will only be provided as needed

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that this draft is authorized by Article 21 of the Waste Disposal Law, which stipulates that the hotel industry (including tourist hotels, hotels, and homestays) and other accommodation industries (such as campgrounds, recreational vehicle camps, etc.) Relevant restrictions on accommodation supplies are in order to respond to international environmental protection trends and reduce plastic waste.

Among them, the restricted one-time lodging products include: liquid toilet and maintenance products (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion) less than 180 ml in disposable packaging, personal hygiene products (comb, toothbrush, Toothpaste, razor, shaving foam and shower cap) and disposable slippers.

The draft will be implemented in phases. July 1 this year will be the first phase. Businesses will not be able to provide consumers with one-time lodging supplies in the guest rooms or outside the guest rooms. They will only be provided when consumers need them.

In the second stage, self-provided discounts or spare parts can be purchased

In the second stage, the implementation date shall be reported by local environmental protection units. At this stage, the designated operators shall provide at least 5% discount on the price difference of room types that do not include disposable accommodation items; to choose from.

The Environmental Protection Agency explained that the main body, container or packaging of disposable lodging products are mostly made of plastic, which is easy to cause waste of resources. In order to reduce plastic pollution, the Fifth United Nations Environment Conference last year made a joint commitment of 154 countries. By 2024 Formulate the International Plastics Convention and significantly reduce the use of disposable plastic products by 2030; and the plastic pollution generated by tourism is easy to enter the ocean or rivers. The United Nations also promoted the Global Tourism Plastic Reduction Initiative three years ago to replace single-use plastics for hotel supplies Wait.

The Environmental Protection Agency stated that after the draft notice, the public can provide relevant opinions or suggestions for amendments within 60 days after the announcement; it calls on the public to cultivate the concept of "bring your own, repeat, and use less", and implement environmental protection behaviors such as plastic reduction and waste reduction in daily life , When traveling, bring your own accommodation supplies, which are hygienic and environmentally friendly, and do your part for the environment together.

When people travel and stay in hotels, most of the operators will prepare shampoo, body wash and other related one-time accessories. The Environmental Protection Agency will restrict the provision of the draft notice in the future.

(Photo by reporter Wu Boxuan)

Establishment of "Restricted Use Objects and Implementation Methods of Disposable Accommodation Supplies"