The USA and Germany will send infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine.

This is a decision that could pave the way for the West to give Ukraine what it really needs — Western tanks.

Politico writes about it.

The White House said it plans to send a Bradley tracked armored combat vehicle, which carries an automatic cannon and a machine gun, to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Germany will provide its Marder infantry fighting vehicle.

The claims came a day after France said it would send Ukraine its AMX-10 RC armored fighting vehicles, a highly mobile wheeled system built around a powerful 105mm turret-mounted GIAT gun.

On Thursday, Berlin also said it would join the US in sending the U.S.-made Patriot air defense battery to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, bringing the number of Patriots in Ukraine to two.

"The transition to sending modern infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine can pave the way for the supply of more powerful Western tanks, which the allies of the USA and Europe have so far been reluctant to do," the newspaper writes, citing experts and American officials.

It is noted that these can be

German Leopard tanks or even M1 Abrams of the US Army


This technique is more mobile, accurate and has a longer range compared to the old Soviet tanks.

They are also more effective at protecting troops than older tanks or even Western infantry fighting vehicles, as Ukraine continues to suffer heavy losses on the battlefield.

Western tanks — as opposed to less powerful wheeled vehicles with smaller main guns — would be a game-changer for Kyiv, which already uses Soviet-era tanks from its own stockpile and others provided by European countries after a full-scale invasion.

It will be recalled that after the decision of France to provide light tanks to Ukraine, Germany declared that it would also "adapt the supply to the needs on the battlefield" in Ukraine.