"Taiwan Typhoon Forum-Extreme Weather" published an article yesterday, and attached a forecast chart of temperature trends from today (6) to next Thursday (12).

(The picture is taken from the Facebook page of "Taiwan Typhoon Forum|Weather Urgent")

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Today (6th) there are occasional brief rains in the north and east of Japan.

The Facebook Meteorological fan special "Taiwan Typhoon Forum - Extremely Urgent Weather" stated that it is necessary to pay attention to the cold air mass on the weekend. The cold air in the forecast is slightly strengthened. Please people pay more attention.

"Taiwan Typhoon Forum-Extremely Urgent Weather" published an article yesterday, and attached a temperature trend forecast map from today (6) to next Thursday (12). The text mentioned that according to the latest forecast, the water vapor over Taiwan is decreasing. So far (today) when the Japanese front passes, there may still be a little rain in the north and east, but then the dry and cold air will take over, and the weather will stabilize everywhere.

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As the weather clears, the radiative cooling effect may be obvious late at night on weekends. In the north of central China and Yilan, the lowest temperature will drop by 13 to 14 degrees. As for other places, the low temperature should be fine at present.

According to the medium and long-term forecast trend, starting from the beginning of next week, the air over Taiwan will turn easterly, and it is expected to enter a relatively warm period.

In addition, today the northern and eastern half of the region and the Hengchun Peninsula are cloudy with brief rains. In the second half of the day, as the dry air moves southward, the rainfall in northern Taiwan gradually eases.

The weather in the central and southern regions is stable, mainly sunny to cloudy.

After nightfall, the cold air will move south again, please pay attention to the temperature change.

The temperature in each place is 14 to 19 degrees in the north and northeast, 14 to 23 degrees in the central region, 16 to 26 degrees in the south, and 18 to 24 degrees in the Huadong region.

The Facebook Meteorological fan special "Taiwan Typhoon Forum - Urgent Weather" stated that although the rain has stopped and cleared this weekend, it has also turned cold and cold, and the public should pay more attention.

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