Yang Zhiqiang, the defendant in the Nanshi Speaker bribery case, who was charged by the prosecution, was ordered to return without bail by the Tainan District Court in the middle of the night on the 4th.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] Yang Zhiqiang (formerly the head of the Advisory Group of the City Council’s Non-Party Alliance and the president of Yuanshan Enterprises) was accused of being involved in the bribery case of the chairman and vice-chairman of Tainan City, because of his company located in Tainan. On the 3rd, the investigation found an ice bag containing 8 million yuan in cash. Yang could not explain the source of the funds clearly.

In the early morning of the 4th, after the interrogation, the prosecutor accused Yang of bribery, collusion, and fear of fleeing the election, and applied to the court for detention. At 11:30 midnight on the 4th, the judge told Yang to return; , will file a protest as soon as possible after strengthening the evidence.

Regarding the judge's ruling that Yang Zhiqiang had no bail and asked to return, Tainan District Court Administrative Judge Liu Xiujun stated that according to the content of the evidence presented by the prosecution, it is still impossible to prove that Yang Zhiqiang and other defendants mentioned that they used money to ask congressmen to buy tickets. Yang was involved in the crime of bribery involved in the election of public officials, so the prosecution's charge did not meet the requirements. The judge ruled to reject the prosecution's charge and ordered Yang Zhiqiang to return without bail.

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Chief Prosecutor Xu Jialong of the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office emphasized that for the defendant Yang Zhiqiang, upon the request of the judge, the prosecutor will file a protest as soon as possible after strengthening the evidence; A warrant has been issued to arrest Tilin, and Lin Shijie is called on to surrender as soon as possible in order to clarify the case.

On December 22 last year, it was reported that Fang Yifeng, a member of KMT South City Councilor, was intimidated to change his vote in the speaker election. Afterwards, the police found Lin Shijie involved in the case and brought him to justice for the crime of intimidation. Immediately, he announced his withdrawal from the Democratic Progressive Party and lamented on Facebook that there is nothing wrong with politics.

On December 25 last year, in the Nanshi City Speaker election, three city councilors from the KMT including Li Wenjun, Zhang Shixian, and Li Zhenguo voted for the DPP Qiu Lili. Qiu won more than half of 36 votes and was elected speaker for the first time.