The Russian invaders are intensifying administrative pressure on the civilian population of the temporarily occupied territories

of Ukraine


The occupiers are shelling the homes of Ukrainians on the outskirts of cities near the front line in order to force them to "evacuate" to remote areas of the Russian Federation.  

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar reported this in Telegram. 

"In order to destabilize the humanitarian situation and force local residents to make a so-called voluntary evacuation deep into the territory of the Russian Federation, the Russian occupying forces are shelling private homes and summer cottages on the outskirts of cities near the front line," Malyar wrote.

Also, representatives of the Russian occupying fake administrations conducted a census of the local population to find out whether they have relatives in the territory of the Russian Federation and to draw up plans for forced "evacuation".

Those who do not have Russian relatives will be sent to the so-called "refugee centers".

In addition, the occupiers report on the active acquisition of Russian citizenship by local residents in order to create the illusion of the alleged "rapid integration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine into the Russian Federation." 

"In order to speed up the process of forcible "passportization", the enemy informs that from the beginning of 2023, receiving services or carrying out any operations in so-called "state institutions" will be possible only in the presence of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation," she said in her message.

As reported, the Russian occupiers

forcibly took

 about 30 Ukrainians from the Bakhmut suburb of the Donetsk region to the Russian city of Rostov.

At the same time, the Russians are shelling Oleshok and Nova Kakhovka in order to similarly have grounds for the forced "evacuation" of the locals to the filtration camps.

The Institute for the Study of War previously explained that Putin is creating the conditions for the forced cultural assimilation of displaced Ukrainians in Russia in order to erase their Ukrainian cultural identity. 

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