The admissions brochures of various universities were released today. The Headquarters of the Ministry of Education questioned the sudden change of the enrollment categories of 9 departments, which affected the rights and interests of students, and criticized the Ministry of Education for not paying attention to technical and vocational students.

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[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] The admissions brochures of universities for the 112 academic year were released today. When the National Federation of Teachers’ Unions reviewed the selection and application brochures for the four technical and two majors, it was found that 12 schools and departments including Qinyi University of Science and Technology had changed their selection brochures. The category of enrollment groups, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and other departments changed the number B to number A, but the Ministry of Education only responded that each school has other professional considerations, and did not stand for the interests of students, and even claimed that only 12 departments were due to The department changed its name only to change the admissions category. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology changed the number from B to A in order to allow students in the natural group to also have opportunities.

The General Education Headquarters issued a statement today criticizing that only 3 of the 12 departments have changed their names, and a total of 9 departments of Yangming Jiaotong University, Gaoyi University, Kainan University, and Mingdao University have changed their enrollment categories for unknown reasons, which will make students lose their ability to apply. Opportunities that affect the rights and interests of students are huge.

Zhang Qiongfang, deputy secretary-general of the National Education Federation and chairman of the High School Vocational Committee, said that for high school teachers and students, the only information that can understand the direction of university admissions is "suggested directions for learning preparation". Changing its enrollment category, the number of AB subjects, etc., and immediately implementing it in the enrollment brochure will cause high schools to be at a loss and greatly affect the rights and interests of students in further studies.

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Hou Junliang, chairman of the National Education Council, said that major changes should be based on the Ministry of Education's previous disclosure principle "should be announced before students enroll in senior high schools." The mission is not fulfilling the responsibility of investigating changes in the admissions content of technical colleges every year, but students are forced to accept the bitter fruit of damage to their rights and interests. The Ministry of Education should make it clear and give justice to students.

Regarding Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s change of the math version, Zhang Qiongfang said that the number A and number B of the 108 syllabus are selected in the second year of high school, and the math version at ordinary universities must be decided during the summer vacation of the first year of high school and the second year of high school at the latest, and no further changes are allowed. Now, the Technical Department of the Ministry of Education acquiesces in the acquiescence of Taiwan University of Science and Technology to change the version of the program in the first semester of the third year of senior high school. Students cannot go back to the past and change the courses they take. The Ministry of Education ignores the concept of "mathematical diversion" and forces high school students Select Mathematics in all editions.

Hou Junliang said that the technical department should remind the University of Science and Technology to appropriately respond to the needs of the high school when investigating the needs of university admissions system changes every year. In response, the technical department was lazy in the investigation, but the students were forced to swallow the bitter fruit. What is tolerable and unbearable. Last year, the technical high school students were forced to accept the tragedy of the collision between the learning history file and the statistical test. So far, no one has apologized or resigned. Officials and officials protect each other in a fake way, ignoring the basic rights of students to enter a higher education.