US National Security Council Public Relations Coordinator John Kirby said that the US is not going to "wring its hands" due to the mass elimination of Russian invaders as a result of the attack on Makiivka.

This was discussed during his discussion of the liquidation of the occupiers at Vocational Training School No. 19 in Makiivka, Donetsk region, "Voice of America".

The United States did not provide an estimate of the number of dead as a result of the attack on the Russian occupiers.

Kirby noted that the war "is a bloody story" and now fierce fighting is going on in Donbas.

The US National Security Council's public affairs coordinator also declined to comment on the alleged use of the HIMARS multiple-launch missile system for the attack on Makiivka.

Let's add that on New Year's Eve, the building of the former vocational school in the occupied 


, where the mobilized soldiers of the Russian army were stationed, was destroyed.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not yet compiled lists of the dead and wounded.

And the relatives of the soldiers said that they wanted to send the surviving servicemen to the front.  

Mobilized from the PTU dormitory, they were supposed to become 

the backbone of the group of occupation troops in the east of Ukraine.

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