This year, Suogang Ziwei Palace launched beer turtles to welcome the Lantern Festival, all of which are Penghu limited edition beers.

(Provided by Ziwei Palace)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] The Penghu Lantern Festival has always been more lively than the Lunar New Year. It is mainly the traditional turtle begging activity. It has lasted for 3-5 days since Shangyuanming. In addition to the lights in the temples at night, there are also various turtle begging activities. New and in full swing, Penghu Ziwei Palace is the first to launch beer turtle this year, and it is a limited edition in Penghu, which has become the focus of attention.

Magong Suogang Ziwei Palace enshrines the main god Ziwei the Great. It was originally enshrined in the Suogang North Pole Hall. In response to the construction of the Suogang Fishing Port, the temple was built independently in Haipu Xinxindi. The Ziwei Emperor on the top floor is made of plastic steel. It is about 7 stories high.

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In order to celebrate the Lantern Festival this year, Ziwei Palace in Penghu not only launched two 660-jin rice turtles, but also a beer turtle donated by Voice of the Earth and Shanbao International Co., Ltd. to package the limited edition of Taiwan Beer in Penghu, and invited well-known Artist Wu Feida designed and produced it, and it has been completed. All believers are welcome to visit. The beer turtle is made with nearly a thousand Penghu limited edition beer, which is quite a gimmick.

Wu Dengcong, vice chairman of Ziwei Palace, said that the Beer Turtle will be open to the public from the 14th to the 17th of the first lunar month to pray for blessings. As long as the Holy Grail appears, they will get a free cup of mango iced tea, with a daily limit of 60 cups. The direction of flow will be decided by the management committee meeting; in addition, this year is the year of Kuimao, and the Tai Sui Lantern and Guangming Lantern lighting activities are registered until the 14th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

The beer donated to Ziwei Palace by the people is limited edition in Penghu.

(Provided by Ziwei Palace)