is an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord.

The Ministry of Health writes about this. 

The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, and about 10% of people can be asymptomatic carriers at various times.

Without timely treatment, 50% of cases end fatally.

Vaccines against four meningococcal species out of 13 are available in Ukraine. Currently, three vaccines from different manufacturers are registered.

Vaccination schedules vary by vaccine brand and patient age and are based on studies of vaccine efficacy in different age groups.

Children under the age of two usually need more doses of the vaccine than older children and adults.

Does this mean that it is better to start this vaccination later?



Meningococci are extremely dangerous for newborns and infants at an early age.

For example, meningitis can develop suddenly and instantly, and symptoms can appear within 3-7 days after infection.

Later, such dangerous symptoms of meningitis as convulsions or coma may develop.

Vaccination can be started from 6 weeks of life.

It is very important to protect the child from infections before he begins to actively interact with other children in the kindergarten or on the playground.

You can vaccinate your child from a family doctor or a pediatrician by purchasing the vaccine at your own expense.

Meningitis in Ukraine

We will remind that earlier

in Transcarpathia, a child died from a meningococcal infection

Nine schoolchildren

also fell ill with meningitis in Kharkiv


in Cherkasy, a 2-year-old child died of meningococcus


Suddenly, her temperature rose, vomiting began, and bloody spots appeared on her body. 

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