Foreign citizens are also among those who are suspected of participating in the January riots, which were carried out for the purpose of a coup d'état in Kazakhstan.

APA reports that Berik Asilov, the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan, said this during his speech at the plenary session of the country's parliament.

"During the investigation, foreigners suspected of participating in mass riots and other crimes were also identified. Among them are citizens of Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan," Asilov said.

The chief prosecutor added that among those detained there are also members of 8 destructive religious movements.

It was also noted that a total of 238 people died during the January events, and 48 of them were previously convicted.

During the riots, 4 people died while committing various crimes.

Most of the dead were in the city of Almaty (151 people).

Along with this, there were also deaths in Gyzilor, Chimkend and Taraz.