The 96-year-old director of a steel company in Kaohsiung falsified information and withdrew tens of millions of shares given to his eldest daughter-in-law and eldest grandson because he was raped by his family.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] A steel company in Kaohsiung, You surnamed Dong Zuo, due to his advanced age, allocated the company’s shares to his two sons in advance. He was so angry that he falsified information, and took back the shares worth 12.1 million inherited from his eldest daughter-in-law and grandson; the judge considered that You Nan was 96 years old, and he founded and managed the company by himself. He is still exempt from punishment and does not have to go to jail.

The judgment pointed out that the old man surnamed You founded a steel factory in 1966, which was a satellite factory of a well-known motorcycle brand in Taiwan, with a capital of 30 million yuan. He also established an industrial company in 1986 with a capital of 20 million yuan. the chairman of the company.

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Dong Zuo, surnamed You, has two sons. He made property planning in advance and distributed 1,000 shares in each of the two companies to his two sons. Based on the company’s issuance of 10,000 yuan per share, both sons received 10 million worth of shares. shares; but the eldest son passed away one step earlier, and the shares were also inherited by the eldest daughter-in-law and eldest grandson.

On August 13, 2018, You surnamed Dong Zuo went to the Commercial Administration Division of the Economic Development Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government, and filled out the "Registration Form for Changes in Joint Stock Companies" to change the original holdings of 0 shares under his name to 770 shares of steel factories, industrial The company's 440 shares, after the economic and development bureau's contractors made changes for him, the eldest daughter-in-law and eldest grandson discovered that their holdings had disappeared, and they were so angry that they sued You Nan for forgery.

During the Kaohsiung District Court trial, You Weng argued that the factory and the company were founded by him alone. The eldest daughter-in-law and eldest grandson did not contribute half a dime or half of the effort, and that the shares were "registered" under their names at the beginning. He just Because he was dissatisfied with his eldest son's death and being raped by his eldest daughter-in-law, he decided to take the property back and not leave it to them. I had the right to do these things and did not break the law.

However, when the judge summoned his family members to appear in court, he confirmed that when Dong Zuo, surnamed You, distributed the shares, it was the elders’ pre-planned property planning before his death, and the property was pre-distributed to the daughters of each house, not the “borrowed name registration” as he said. However, considering that he is 96 years old At the age of 10, he has worked hard all his life, not only failed to enjoy his life in peace, but had to go to court with his close relatives, the pain he suffered should not be less than punishment.

The judge believes that although You’s surname Dong Zuo constitutes a crime, there are reasons for the incident, his motives and subjective viciousness are very low, and the criminal means are not extremely evil. After the punishment is reduced according to the law, it is still too heavy. To avoid meaningless punishment, it will cost the country Resources and feelings of violating the civil law are exempted from punishment according to regulations, and can be appealed.

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