Russian terrorists again raise the A-50U and MiG-31 anti-aircraft defense aircraft into the air.

And therefore, already on January 5-6, we can expect new massive missile strikes. 

Military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan said this in a comment on Channel 24. 

The expert explained that on the eve of the latest missile attacks on Ukraine, Russian terrorists once again flew in Belarus near the Ukrainian border.

Therefore, we can conclude that the occupiers are preparing for a new missile attack on Ukraine. 

"The A-50 plane "sees" to a depth of up to 600 kilometers from the point where it is located. It can actually "see" a third of our country from the North, including Kyiv and the entire so-called "Warsaw road". That is, this plane perfectly "sees" everything , which is coming from Poland in our direction," Roman Svitan believes. 

Svitan emphasized that the MiG-31 can carry Kinzhal missiles, which are extremely dangerous for Ukraine.

The Russians can also launch Kh-59 or Kh-31P anti-radar missiles from the territory of Belarus.

The military emphasizes that Russian planes are trying to detect our air defense system in order to fire missiles at Ukraine.

After the activity of the A-50 aircraft, the Russians usually launch missile attacks.

Therefore, a new blow can be expected as early as January 5-6. 

Missile strikes on Ukraine 

Before the New Year, Russian terrorists once again attacked Ukraine with missiles, killing Ukrainians and damaging our infrastructure.

Also, since January 1, the Russians have been attacking Ukraine with Iranian drones. 

OK "South" believes that the occupiers can attack Ukraine on Christmas - January 6-7. 

Military intelligence also believes that the next missile attack on Ukraine may be at the beginning of January.

The Ukrainian military is preparing for this. 

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