Rogosin posted photos for the first time after surgery to remove shrapnel at the end of last month, but it was not clear whether there was any injury to the lower body.

(Picture taken from Rogosin VK account)

[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Dmitry Rogozin, former deputy prime minister of Russia and former director of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), was bombed by the Ukrainian army on a hotel in Donetsk on the 22nd of last month. Seriously injured, amputation may be required, and reproductive organs are severely injured and must be removed.

Rogosin later posted photos of him after surgery, which seemed to be intended to dispel rumors.

He made a strange move recently, and sent the shell fragments taken out of his body to French President Macron, asking him to give an explanation!

Russian investigators previously pointed out that the shelling incident caused casualties and was caused by "high-precision weapons ... presumably French-made Caesar self-propelled guns".

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Rogosin apparently believed it.

According to a report by the Russian News Agency (RIA) on the 4th, Rogosin sent the shrapnel taken from his body to the French embassy in Russia after the operation, and asked the French ambassador to transfer it to Macron, claiming that he was taken away by Caesar. The French side must be responsible for the wounded by the gun.

In the accompanying letter, Rogosin said, "As a result of a despicable act of terror in Donetsk, I was seriously injured. Thanks to the great skill and patience of Russian military and civilian doctors, I survived almost regain health."

He said, "In this envelope, you can see fragments of a French Caesar 155cm self-propelled gun, which pierced my right shoulder and got stuck in the fifth cervical vertebra, and would have killed me by a centimeter. Or paralyze me for life."

Rogosin claims that hundreds of people were killed in the Donbass by "French weapons and French mercenaries". He wants the French ambassador to convey to Macron that France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other NATO countries have committed crimes in the Donbass. No one can escape responsibility for war crimes.

Rogosin, 58, has sparred on Twitter with US billionaire Elon Musk, Russian President Vladimir Putin's most nuclear-obsessed confidant and a provocative nationalist fanatical supporter of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

Rogosin, a frequent vocal critic on social media following Putin's Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine, declared in May that Russia could "destroy" NATO countries in a nuclear war in just half an hour.

Rogosin showed off the bomb fragments taken from his body, claiming to have been killed by the French Caesar self-propelled gun.

(Picture taken from Rogosin VK account)