In Lutsk, volunteers are organizing a trip abroad for military children for the second time.

In the summer, schoolchildren visited the Czech Republic, now they are going to Poland.

These are children whose parents are fighting or died on the front lines, TSN reports. 

The father of seven-year-old Yana, who is going on a trip, is a military man.

The man recently came from Luhansk region on vacation and is happy that while he is protecting Ukraine from the enemy, his daughter can forget about the war for a while.

"I wouldn't have thought that at the age of four, at two, at the age of seven, a child will know what an explosion is, what a siren is, when your 2-year-old son runs up to you and shouts "oh, siren"..." he says man. 

Ivan is accompanied on his journey by his mother, his father died at the front almost four months ago.

The boy misses him very much.

"It is very difficult and the child is closed.

We hope that this will give him communication with other children.

We have to live, learn to live without our dad," says the boy's mother. 

For the children of defenders, this is already the second joint trip abroad, organized by volunteers.

Many schoolchildren, who went on the first trip as children of soldiers, are now going on a trip as children of fallen heroes.

"This time the group gathered faster, unfortunately, of course, because there are those whose parents were still fighting in August, and in September their parents were no longer there," says volunteer Serhii. 

For a week, schoolchildren will live in the mountains near the Polish city of Wroclaw.

Psychologists will work with them, and excursions are promised every day.

"Near the territory of this camp there is farming, animals, deer.

They will also have a trip to the water park, to the city of Wroclaw, as well as an excursion," adds Serhiy. 

With Ukrainian songs and faith in victory, the children go to the Ukrainian-Polish border. 

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