The first public political opinion presentation meeting of the by-election of legislators in the third constituency district of Taipei City was held today (4th). Members of the Taiwan State held large banners and banners to express their opinions outside the venue.

(Photo by reporter Cong Changjin)

[Reporters Yang Xinhui, Cai Sipei/Report from Taipei] The by-election of the legislators of the third constituency in Taipei City (North Songshan, Zhongshan) will be held this Sunday. Protesting at the gate, they took out banners saying "Voting for KMT legislator candidate Wang Hongwei is to encourage Chinese leader Xi Jinping to violate Taiwan by force". When Wang Hongwei arrived at the scene, she expressed her dissatisfaction. , She also complained to the election staff, are the protesters downstairs trying to make people unelected?

Questioned why the Election Committee did not act.

The "Nation of Taiwan" hung a large banner reading "Voting for KMT Wang Hongwei is Encouraging Xi Jinping to Violate Taiwan by Force" on the overpass of Zhongxiao West Road adjacent to Zhongshan District yesterday afternoon to remind Taipei citizens to refuse to vote on January 8 for the sake of Taiwan's national security. Wang Hongwei rejected Xi Jinping, but today she went to the public political opinion conference to pull a banner to protest.

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The State of Taiwan stated that the citizens of Taipei seem to have forgotten that Wang Hongwei is a runaway king who betrayed voters, a speculative politician without integrity, and even more disloyal to the land of Taiwan where he grew up. Publicly belittling Taiwan's democratically elected president as the leader of the Taiwan region, his tone is like the CCP's united front propaganda machine, which is really disgusting.

Taiwan criticizes that Wang Hongwei may be elected as a high-ranking legislator whose influence extends to national defense, diplomacy, etc., which is critical to the survival of Taiwan. The people of Taiwan especially hung banners saying "Voting for KMT Wang Hongwei is to encourage Xi Jinping to invade Taiwan by force" in front of the public political opinion conference, calling on the citizens of Taipei to refuse to vote for Wang Hongwei and punish the runaway king.

Wang Hongwei arrived at the 1st floor of the political speech conference at about 2:30 today. She was supposed to take the elevator directly to the 9th floor to participate in the political speech conference. However, Wang saw protesters in the square on the 1st floor.

Wang was dissatisfied in the interview and said that he was quite dumbfounded when he pulled the cloth yesterday and came to make trouble again today.

She complained to the election staff, did the protesters pull the banners downstairs to make people not elected?

Questioned why the Election Committee did not act.

Non-party legislator candidate Xiao Helin said that he thinks this is the freedom of the people, Taiwan is a democratic country, and he supports Chen Kang. If the people do not Chen Kang, how would ordinary people know what happened in Taiwan's democratic elections.

Xiao believes that the protest is reasonable and legal. If it is not legal, the police would have driven away the Chen Kang people. The people have the right to know, which is also a democratic manifestation of people's actions.