The Cabinet of Ukraine by Resolution No. 1487 of December 30 approved a new procedure for military registration of conscripts, conscripts and reservists.

The government, in particular, provided for the creation of a single state register of conscripts, changed the rules for recording women and conscripts who are abroad.

The experts explained in detail which innovations are prescribed in the document.

In particular, Oleksandr Zolotukhin

, a lawyer in matters of the army and military service

, said in a commentary on Channel 24 that the Cabinet of Ministers took into account the experience gained since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine in the resolution of December 30.

"The Cabinet of Ministers made the appropriate conclusions on how people should be notified, how to serve summonses, control whether a person is on the military register or not. I think that all points faced by executive authorities and recruitment centers were taken into account... The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new resolution and described in detail the steps of each of the organizations involved in registration, accounting and transfer of information to other state authorities," he says.

Notification instead of subpoena

As Zolotukhin said, according to the new resolution,

local self-government bodies are now entrusted with the functions of timely arrival of conscripts


"Employees of the city or village council must notify the conscript... Previously, local self-government bodies could also issue summonses. Now it is called a notification. In fact, it is the transmission of information. The summons has not lost its power, it remains valid. But the military commissar has the right to issue the summons district. Therefore, the notification should be either simply a message from a person, or a certain form, formed with the notification of one or another person, whose signature should be notified. But how the Cabinet of Ministers provides for ensuring timely arrival - I do not know," said the lawyer.

According to him, local self-government bodies are entrusted with the function of search, accounting and data exchange with the collection centers.


Since local self-government bodies are currently registering citizens, when registering a person in one or another locality, they must transmit information to the recruitment centers that such a person has been registered in the National Security Service and must be put on the military register

," the expert explained.

He emphasized that now village and city councils should search for and deliver conscripts:

"It is not necessary to send a summons now, but you can force a local self-government employee to deliver a person to clarify the data or for other measures that must be taken by the procurement authorities."

Electronic registration of conscripts

The mobilization, which has been ongoing since February 24, showed that one person can be registered in several military commissariats at the same time.

Taking this into account, the

Cabinet of Ministers provided for the Unified State Register of Conscripts


As Oleksandr Zolotukhin explains, this register should accumulate all information about all conscripts:

"As soon as a person changes the place of registration, the information in the Unified State Register of Military Conscripts changes immediately.

Access to this register must be granted to many bodies of state power, local self-government, courts, and bodies of pre-trial investigation


However, the expert does not undertake to predict how quickly the registry will work and synchronize with "Diya"

"The Ministry of Digital Transformation has long stated that it will be possible to declare one's place of registration through Diya. There was even a test mode of this function, but it did not fully work for men, as it is impossible to register at a certain military commissariat... The unified state register of conscripts must put a finish line - the function must work as soon as the registry is up and running," he explained.

At the same time, Zolotukhin clarified, "so far, no agency has declared that this information is digitized or somehow synchronized for full data collection."

Registration of women

The lawyer said that the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers also provides for changes regarding the military registration of female doctors.


female medics, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are subject to military registration

. In this case, they must be registered together with men, accordingly, when changing their place of registration, this data must also be synchronized and new information about them transferred. Also, women are subject to military registration at their request, if their specialty is related to military affairs or a certain military specialty. In this case, women can also register for military service if they wish," he said.

However, according to the expert,

female doctors who were not on military registration as of December 30, 2022, have the right not to be registered until 2026


Such a period of time is probably needed for the Unified State Register of Conscripts to be implemented.

"And from 2026, women must be registered, employers and local self-government bodies are entrusted with the same functions regarding the registration of female doctors and pharmacists, as they are for men," he explains.

Conscripts abroad


Rostyslav Kravets

notes in his YouTube blog that one of the most important provisions of Cabinet Resolution No. 1487 concerns conscripts who are abroad.

"Now consular institutions have the corresponding duty to inform these conscripts and carry out the mobilization

(how to do this, of course, it is very interesting) of those persons who are abroad, are of conscription age and must appear at the recruitment centers in Ukraine in order to , to enter the military register, or withdraw from the military register. This must be done personally," says Kravets.

According to the lawyer, "if you are of conscription age and come to Ukraine, it is unlikely that anyone will release you."

Military records will also be kept in the recruitment centers, taking into account the fact that the person is abroad.

"Currently, those persons who are abroad and have reached the conscription age must be notified on the consular register that they can at any time be involved in the recruitment centers through these consular institutions, and can provide the appropriate summons to appear in Ukraine to the relevant recruitment centers. The lists of these conscripts themselves will be kept in foreign consular institutions," he said.

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