By Resolution No. 1487 dated December 30, 2022, the Government of Ukraine approved a new procedure for organizing and maintaining military records of conscripts, conscripts and reservists. 

In 2023, it will be possible to submit information about yourself to the Military Commissariat

through Diya


The resolution also prescribes interaction between the Unified State Register of Conscripts and other state databases.

In this way, fresh data about the conscript will automatically flow to the military.

Diplomatic offices will have to keep records of Ukrainians who are in another state.

A conscript can be hired or trained only

after presenting a current military ID

(including through "Diya") or being registered for military service.

The decree regulates the obligations of employers.

If a citizen of Ukraine is conscripted, he can be hired only if he presents

a valid military ID.

In the event that a subpoena arrives at the workplace, the head of the institution must notify the employee.  

Workers of employment centers will have to

submit information about all unemployed people who fall under the category of conscripts

Women with medical specialties must report to the military commissariat within 7 days after receiving a temporary conscript certificate.

The main rules of the resolution determine the procedure for registration, receiving a summons, changing the place of residence, passing a military medical commission: 

  • Be on military registration at the registered place of residence, study or work, or on consular registration at foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine (in the case of staying abroad).

  • Appear at the military commissariat in accordance with the time specified in the summons.

    Ignoring the summons is punishable by an administrative or criminal penalty up to three to five years in prison.

  • Do not change your place of residence during martial law without first obtaining the permission of the head of the local TCC.

  • Timely medical examination and treatment in accordance with the decision of the military medical commission.

  • Fulfill the duty to the state (we are talking about undergoing training and performing military service, even in the reserve).

  • To personally arrive at the military commissariat to deregister, taking the passport of a citizen of Ukraine and military registration documents.

  • To register with the TCC after changing the place of residence, the term is up to seven days.

  • Notify employees of the military commissariat about changes in personal data within seven days.

  • Regularly check personal data in the TCC, at least once every five years.

  • Every year by October 1, submit data on the right to postponement.

  • Appear in person at the Military Commissariat if the summons has not arrived.

    Ten days after the beginning of the regular conscription for military service, determined by the decree of the President of Ukraine, citizens must independently arrive at the TCC.

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