a Russian and a Belarusian were exposed on suspicion of espionage for the Russian GRU. 

This was stated by the spokeswoman of the Warsaw District Prosecutor's Office, Aleksandra Skzyniaz, reports Polska Agencja Prasowa. 

The investigation established that two citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus worked for the Russian military intelligence (GRU).

They were tasked with

identifying military targets critical to the defense of Poland, as well as gathering information on the combat capability, morale, and functioning of the country's units.

The prosecutor's office established that the defendants' espionage activities were focused on military units located in the north-eastern part of Poland.

"As part of this activity, tasks were carried out to identify the main elements of the Polish Armed Forces and collect information, in particular regarding: performance of tasks by Polish Armed Forces servicemen in the area of ​​the state border with Belarus in connection with the so-called migration crisis, the number of servicemen performing tasks in the border area and the structure of units, the use of specialized equipment by the Polish Armed Forces, the state of combat morale and operational capabilities, the interaction of military units stationed in the north-east of Poland with the troops of other NATO member countries," the message states.  

According to the conclusions of the investigation, the Belarusian and the Russian were on the territory of Poland on legal grounds.

It turned out that the citizen of Belarus first studied at one of the universities in Bialystok, and then got a job in the organization of parachute training.

Belarus established contacts that it used for espionage.

The Russian spied under the guise of holding cultural events and tourism.

Both were detained in April 2022.

They have been in custody since then. 

On December 30, 2022, the military affairs department of the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw sent an indictment to the District Court in Białystok.

In it, the prosecutor accused a citizen of Russia and a citizen of Belarus of conducting espionage activities for the benefit of Russian military intelligence from 2017 to April 2022. 

It will be recalled that a Russian spy who pretended to be a researcher from Brazil was detained in Norway.

In fact, he was an officer of the GRU.

And in Germany, Russian spies watched Ukrainian soldiers during their training in Germany.

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