Kyivans continue to be surprised by the natural anomalies observed in the city due to excessively warm weather.

In the Volodymyrska mountain park, behind the St. Michael's Gold-Domed Cathedral, an unusual Christmas tree was noticed, which is blooming.

The plant was spotted not far from the Kyiv Funicular.

"Small, green and blooming...looks like a Christmas tree," wrote the author of the photo, Sergiy Matushevsky.

But in the communal joint "Kyivzelenbud" we were assured that the anomaly is of no use here.

There are no flowers on the tree, but new shoots.

"Kyivs noticed Canadian spruce Conica Maigold - a variety of Conica spruce with young shoots of a bright yellow-green color. In fact, nothing unusual, it is in our plantings. It just looks interesting", - explained to the site in the "Kyivzelenbud" ".

Photo: Sergiy Matushevsky

We will remind you that Kyiv was recognized

 as the best city in the world in 2023 

according to the version of the international agency Resonance.

The honorary title in the rating of "100 best cities of the world" was awarded due to the resilience, indomitability of the inhabitants and bravery in the face of war. 

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