What does the name Anastasia mean? 

From the Greek language, the name Anastasia means "returned to life". 

Anastasia is contradictory, prone to quick mood swings and easy nervousness, has excellent intuition and analytical abilities.

She is very sentimental and trusting, but at the same time she is a family-oriented person.

Even if she has come to a noisy party, her thoughts often return to home.

For her, family is the most important part of life.

She is accommodating at home and easily finds a common language with her husband's relatives.

Loves men with pronounced masculinity.

Faithful and caring wife.

When to celebrate Angel Anastasia Day?

According to the Orthodox calendar, Anastasia's name day in 2023 is celebrated 

on January 4, March 23, April 28, May 28, June 1, 9, July 4, November 11, 12, December 26.

Congratulations on Anastasia's birthday in verse 

Everyone has a guardian angel,

who writes the book of our life,

and there is also a guardian angel in heaven,

who prays for our future.

He was once a man, like you and me,

And among people like you and me he lived,

He loved only God the most,

And only he served him by faith.

Take an example from him and try to

live with faith all your life, so

that one day the Lord can hug you

and say: son (daughter), you are my child!


Congratulations on Anastasia's birthday.

May all your dreams come true, may the

Angel protect you,

Joy in the heart pours beyond the edge

. I sincerely wish you good health,

may a happy fate await you!


Let the guardian angel 

Be an example in life,

And pray to God for your path,

Illuminate the path

That is full of obstacles,

And lead to God's threshold!

I congratulate you on the day of the angel from the bottom of my heart.

May the heart be full of love.

May the nights and days bring joy.

In peace and in good health!


Happy birthday!

I wish you happiness and joy!

Be cheerful like a bird,

Hardworking like an ant,

Know how to spin like a bee,

Don't be sad like a butterfly!

Be perceptive like a mouse,

And lively like a cat,

Be like a cute doll,

Like a viburnum, be long-lasting,

Be dressed like a peacock,

Be loved like a winch!


As the song resoundingly pours out,

Let it be beautiful like this,

May fate smile, May

health be added,

May there be a holiday in the soul,

And the heart be rich with happiness,

May the water play of feelings rage,

May all dreams come true!

Congratulations to Anastasia in pictures and postcards

Happy Angel Day, Anastasia

Congratulations on the Day of the angel Anastasia

Congratulations on the Day of the angel Anastasia

Happy birthday to Anastasia

Greetings on Anastasia's day in prose

I congratulate you on St. Anastasia's Day and I want to wish you to go through life with brave forces, sensitivity of the heart and kindness of the soul, taking every step confidently and nobly, faithfully and easily.

Let life be a happy ocean, let fate bestow true love and luck.


Happy St. Anastasia's Day!

May the great feat of life, purity, sincere charity and faith of this saint give your soul the light of hope, and her name protects you from all kinds of troubles and gives you health and strength.


Congratulations on the Day of St. Anastasia.

I wish to have the same kind heart as St. Anastasia, the same bright soul, the same strong faith, the same incredible strength, the same faithful patience, the same steadfast steadfastness.

Peace and well-being to you, abundance and love, beauty and harmony.


On St. Anastasia's Day, I wish great love and strong faith, bright hopes and kindness of soul, sincere feelings and understanding with loved ones, wise decisions and good deeds, bright miracles and zeal of the heart for true goals.


Dear Anastasia, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.

I wish to be beautiful always and excellent in everything, I wish brilliant success and good fame, I wish optimism and self-belief, I wish sincere love and true happiness.

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