Ah Bei turned into a hamburger thief, walking his dog to steal breakfast, and the monitors recorded everything.

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[Reporter Chen Wenchan/Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung police said today that a man surnamed Liu ordered pork burgers and other breakfasts from a food delivery platform for about 100 yuan. Unexpectedly, Abei surnamed Ni passed by for a walk with his dog, and couldn’t resist the breakfast. He actually turned into a burger thief, stole meals and had a good time with the little boy. During the police pursuit, he happened to meet Ni Nan walking his dog on the road, and took him back to the police station for theft.

A man surnamed Liu ordered pork burgers and corn omelets on a food delivery platform using a mobile app the day before yesterday. He asked the delivery man to place them on the table of the claw machine shop on the first floor of the rented house. The operator system reported that the meals had been delivered, but Mr. Liu got off Lou checked but there was no meal, which made Liu Nan, who was hungry and hungry after waking up early in the morning, very angry and reported the case to the police directly.

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The police checked the monitor screen and found that the delivery man had indeed delivered the meal, but within a few minutes, a Bei, who was leading a group of furry children for a walk, passed by the claw machine shop and found a ready-made breakfast on the table. When there was no one around, he reached out to take the breakfast and left on foot after getting it.

The police searched hard and locked the specific target, a man surnamed Ni. The day before yesterday, he was on patrol duty. He happened to meet Ni Nan walking his dog on the road and took him back to the police station for investigation.

During the police investigation, Ni Nan confessed to the crime and confessed that he loved the puppy very much. He happened to see the delicious meal that day was too tempting, so he improvised to steal it, and immediately took it to a nearby park to eat with the little dog.

The police said that it took no effort for Mr. Ni to come. Although the breakfast was only worth more than 100 yuan, stealing other people's food is really not advisable.

The police reminded the public to be vigilant, and ordering meals through food delivery is a daily routine, especially since the epidemic has not yet been lifted. The food delivery platform also promotes "contactless food delivery". If you choose to put it at the door, you must remember to take it immediately Take advantage of the opportunity to avoid Xiaoxiao.