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The first baby for 2023, born in the obstetrician - the gynecological department of the "Dr. Stoev-Schwartz" Multispecialty Hospital for active treatment in Troyan, is a girl, the municipal administration reports.

It cried today at 9:15.

Named Deana Mitkova, she weighs 3,100 kg and is 48 cm tall.

The baby is the second child in the family.

The mother is 37 years old from Lovech.

A total of 4,888 babies were born in the two capital municipal AG hospitals in 2022

The team that led the birth consisted of: Dr. Marin Vasilev, Dr. Hristo Dobrev and midwife Tsenka Boyadzhieva.

The mayor of Troyan municipality, Donka Mihailova, congratulated the mother hours after the birth and wished the newborn Deana success and health.

The mayor's gift for the first baby was silver coins, according to the administration.

For the past year 2022, a total of 229 babies cried in the Trojan maternity ward - of which 118 were boys and 111 were girls.

The department informed BTA that in 2021, 244 babies were born in the mountain town.



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