In Ukraine, at the end of 2022 and at the beginning of 2023, the number of cases of hospitalization of patients with


increased .

The Ministry of Health reported that almost 3,000 Ukrainians were admitted to hospitals during the last week of last year.

At the same time, the ministry emphasized that no new waves of the coronavirus are expected at the moment.

What is the current situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine, has its danger decreased, or can it be said that COVID-19 has become a seasonal disease, 

Svitlana, a pulmonologist, head of the Center for Respiratory Medicine and Allergology of the CL "Feofania" told in an interview with

The sound

What is the current situation with the coronavirus?

How many patients, are there serious cases?

Since I am a pulmonologist, I deal with patients with lung diseases, in particular with viral histories.

We recently had a small wave of patients with fever in the department, and among my acquaintances who presented with fever.

All these patients were tested for coronavirus and the results were all negative.

And those patients from this group who could afford testing in the laboratory for screening respiratory infections, that is, this testing, which allows one analysis to make 21 PCR studies on the causative agents of respiratory viral infections, and not only viral infections, then these patients were found to have the flu. AND".

That is, in my practice, I have not seen a single patient with COVID recently.

Since June, these official statistics have not been available.

"I haven't seen any serious cases in a long time..."

Do people get sick again, is it possible to get sick with COVID-19 three or four times?

Of course, they get sick.

And patients who are vaccinated, and fully vaccinated according to the schedule of vaccinations against COVID, they also get sick.


I haven't seen any serious cases for a long time


Although this does not mean that they are not there, just that their number is obviously not what it used to be.


people get sick again

, in my practice,

a person got sick three times, and vaccinated patients got sick again


That is, in the population, the coronavirus behaves like a respiratory virus that changes and can affect even those people who have already suffered from one of the subtypes of this viral infection.

But what I see, they get sick more easily.

Can we say that the coronavirus has become a seasonal disease?

For this, time has passed and we have seen several seasons.

That is, we are so far, despite the fact that the coronavirus has been in Ukraine for three years, but it was not quite in a seasonal sense, because it was a pandemic, and it was demi-seasonal: both in cold seasons and in warm ones.

But in the future, I think that the

coronavirus will become a seasonal disease


This will be one of the variants of respiratory infection, which increase, of course, in transitional seasons, that is, in autumn, at the beginning of winter and in spring.

We will see the coronavirus among the same viral infections as influenza, parainfluenza, rhinosyncytial virus or any other respiratory viral infections.  

The reason for the increased morbidity is not always obvious

Has the danger of coronavirus decreased?

Those strains that we have already encountered have become 100 percent safer for us, because we acquire resistance to them due to immunity, due to vaccination, due to the fact that citizens have touched the coronavirus in one way or another: or were sick with bright clinical symptoms , or with unexpressed symptoms, but nevertheless, the immune process still occurs, the immune system works with an external infectious agent and reacts accordingly, forming a rapid immune response and long-term immune memory.

So, if we are talking about the coronavirus that we already know, that we have encountered, then of course it becomes safer.

Regarding the situation in the east, I saw out of the corner of my eye that there is some new alleged pandemic, many people are sick.

I don't know for sure the reason: whether it is because the quarantine restrictions were lifted or because of some other reasons.

But I want to point out that the reason for the increase in morbidity is not always obvious.

On the one hand, during an epidemic, of course, quarantine measures must be observed, and this will lead to a decrease in the number of patients per unit of time.

But on the other hand, if we are talking about a respiratory virus, which is, let's say, very contagious, then those people who were in isolation are mainly elderly people who stayed at home, did not go outside, did not go to clinics and shops, sooner or later they leave anyway, and they make up the pool of citizens who are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

Perhaps this is exactly what happened in China.

Although I will not claim that this was exactly the case.

But I am leading to the fact that if there is an increase in the incidence of coronavirus anywhere, it is always necessary to understand to understand what is happening.

That is, this fact in itself does not indicate that everything is gone, and that some virus has come again and vaccinations do not work.

It is necessary to look in which society the outbreak of the disease took place, and in what conditions it was, and why it could happen like that.

That is, consideration of the epidemiological situation should take place in order to draw competent conclusions.

It is necessary to look in which society the outbreak of the disease took place, and in what conditions it was, and why it could happen like that.

That is, consideration of the epidemiological situation should take place in order to draw competent conclusions.

It is necessary to look in which society the outbreak of the disease took place, and in what conditions it was, and why it could happen like that.

That is, consideration of the epidemiological situation should take place in order to draw competent conclusions.    

No etiotropic treatment has been found for the coronavirus

What do you think will happen next with COVID-19?

Regarding the prognosis, in my opinion, the

coronavirus will become one of the variants of a seasonal respiratory viral infection.

For example, the same analysis that I spoke about above - screening for respiratory infections, it includes three variants of the flu, three variants of the coronavirus, maybe later there will be four or five.

And when I ask my patients to do this analysis, on the one hand, some are offended or surprised, they say, a viral infection, what’s the difference, why spend one and a half thousand hryvnias (not everyone can afford it and not everyone considers it necessary to do it, even if they can afford it), but, on the other hand, what I see now that patients have the flu, it makes it possible to treat the flu itself.

Influenza has an etiotropic treatment (consisting in the use of drugs that act on the cause of the disease - ed.), that is, a molecule that acts directly on the influenza virus, which we did not have with COVID-19, and we still did not find an etiotropic treatment.

We had pathogenetic, that is, symptomatic treatment.

We fought against the cytokine storm, but we did not find an etiotropic treatment for the coronavirus.

And if we see that the patient has a viral infection, he is an elderly patient, he had some operations, a lot of chronic diseases, then after doing this analysis, you can already see if it is a coronavirus, the doctors already know what the indicators of the tests and the general condition are to pay attention to the patient and in what time from the onset of the disease is very important.

It is we, you know, who gained this experience with blood.

And if it is the flu, then it makes sense to add an etiotropic treatment - this is "Oseltamivir"*, the original drug is "Tamiflu"*, but there are many generic drugs from other companies, it is taken at 75 mg twice a day for five days, and if this is the flu, it speeds up recovery and significantly reduces the likelihood of a severe course.

So this analysis, if there is any doubt,

and the patient is at high risk for any viral disease, it is still advisable to do it if there is such an opportunity.

Now the flu has come, the coronavirus may return in some form, and if the doctor knows what he is dealing with, it is really easier and more transparent for him, and it is clearer how to treat the patient.

I wish everyone victory and health in the coming year.

We will remind you that earlier the Ministry of Health reported that the coronavirus has not disappeared and Ukrainians continue to get sick.

Moreover, on December 23, the government 

extended quarantine restrictions

 due to COVID-19.

They will be valid until April 30, 2023. 

*When treating any diseases, it is necessary to consult with your family doctor, get a clear list of drugs and dosage. 

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