A package left in front of the house of one of the families exploded in the


village of Sechebozhycy.

As a result, the 31-year-old woman was seriously injured - her right arm was amputated, and her left arm was injured, and the fight to preserve her sight continues.

The mother of the victim reported this to Polish journalists, writes RadioZET.pl.

It is known that 31-year-old Urshula left the house to warm up the car and take her 8-year-old daughter Ola to school.

The woman's younger son caught a cold and had to stay at home with his grandmother that day.

The woman returned with a package on which she read that it was addressed to her.

The package was sealed with transparent tape.

A 31-year-old woman and her daughter were in the room when the package exploded.

The younger son of the woman and the grandmother were just coming out of the next room.

"I think she took a knife and opened it, after which it exploded. I quickly grabbed hold, saw blood. I saw that my daughter was lying on the floor. She was screaming: "Mom, kill me!" - recalls Ursula's mother.

The 31-year-old victim has multiple facial injuries.

Her right hand was amputated and the fingers of her left hand were pierced.

Now the hospital is trying to save her sight.

"The most important thing now is her eyes so that she can see again. So that she can see her children," said the woman's mother.

A child was also injured and was hospitalized with open fractures of the right arm and multiple shrapnel wounds.  

Journalists established that Ursula's ex-partner had allegedly abused the woman in the past.

The husband was also deprived of parental rights.  

Journalists managed to talk only with the man's father.

He says that his son works in Germany, where he drives a truck.

The man says the police questioned his son in Germany and he is innocent.

"He is not hiding. According to him, he has a clear conscience," says the father.

"I assume that the criminal was guided by the fact that he wanted to kill specific people," said Andrzej Mrocek of the Collegium Civitas Terrorism Research Center.

The prosecutor's office is investigating the attempted murder of many people, which is punishable by life imprisonment.

It will be recalled that a 38-year-old Ukrainian is on trial in Poland, who, out of jealousy, inflicted

numerous brutal blows on his ex-girlfriend with a clerical knife and cut her throat.

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