The pro-independence group "Taiwan State" hung a banner reading "Vote for the Kuomintang, Wang Hongwei is to encourage Xi Jinping to invade Taiwan by force" on the overpass of Zhongxiao West Road in Beishi this afternoon.

(Provided by Taiwan)

[Reporter Chen Yufu/Taipei Report] The countdown to the by-election of legislators in the third constituency of Taipei City is 5 days away. The independence group "Taiwan State" hangs up a large banner saying "Voting for the Kuomintang and the People's Party is to encourage Xi Jinping to invade Taiwan by force" following the nine-in-one general election Afterwards, a banner reading "Voting for the KMT, Wang Hongwei Encourages Xi Jinping to Violate Taiwan" was once again hung on the overpass of Zhongxiao West Road in Beishi this afternoon to attract the attention of people and vehicles.

Taiwan’s state issued a statement pointing out that after the Chinese Kuomintang achieved great success in the 9-in-1 election, all parties are ready to move, starting with Guo Taiming, Hou Youyi, Zhu Lilun, and Zhao Shaokang, and they are mutually restraining each other. Even Hou Youyi has learned to talk about the Taiwan Strait.

With hundreds of millions of people infected with the epidemic in China, even former President Ma Ying-jeou, regardless of the limited medical capacity of the Golden Horses, vigorously advocated the opening of the country, with ulterior motives.

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Taiwan believes that the ruling authorities have always been docile and do not see any provocative behavior by the Tsai government, and are sometimes even rated as too weak to allow the CCP drones to invade their homes.

Fortunately, the international community fully supports Taiwan, but such support is regarded by the Kuomintang as a provocation to the CCP. Ma Ying-jeou even uses sound effects as shelling sounds in military exercises, bowing his knees to the CCP will not bring peace, but will only bring more humiliation .

The State of Taiwan mentioned that if Wang Hongwei, who blatantly belittled President Tsai as the leader of the Taiwan region on CCTV, wins the election results five days later, there is no guarantee that Xi Jinping will not be indirectly encouraged to invade Taiwan by force.

Coincidentally, Ji Linlian, chairman of the Huang Fuxing Party Department of the Kuomintang, also publicly sang the "Great China, One Family" united front song with the Union Promotion Party recently. It is obvious that the CCP has infiltrated the Kuomintang. He called on the citizens of Taipei to make good use of their votes and refuse to vote. Wang Hongwei, rejecting Xi Jinping.